Festival Etiquette 101

Festival season is coming up, and that means one thing. It's time to get ready for the best part of the year. If you've never been, don't worry. Planning for a festival is both frightening and exciting. We're going to give you some insight on how to make your getaway as stress-free as possible, so that you can get the most out of your tickets. If you're a seasoned festival-goer, you might gain some valuable information in this article, too, so don't write me off just yet!

Everyone who goes to festivals has their own reasons for being there. Some people just go to see a ton of bands that they're in love with, and others go to escape the monotony of day-to-day life; some people go for a combination of those reasons, and like to sprinkle a few mind-altering substances into the mix. No matter their reason for attending, everyone deserves to have an amazing time. There are certain behaviors that may impede on others' abilities to make the most of theirs, and no one likes a party pooper.



1) If you're going to smoke, blow upward when you exhale.

I feel like this isn't really something that should need to be said, but unfortunately, it is. Not everyone is a smoker, and most people don't want to get a cloud of smoke in their face. Whether you're smoking tobacco or something more pleasant and less harmful, be polite and blow upward. That goes for vaping too! No one wants to walk through your massive clouds, bro. Seriously, don't be a douche.


2) Don't stand in front of someone shorter than you!

Of course, unless you were there first. That doesn't mean if someone shorter than you walks up and stands behind you, that you should have to move or anything. Just don't push your way in front of people and then stop right in front of someone a foot shorter than you. They paid just as much as you did to get there, and they shouldn't have to look at the back of your head for an hour, no matter how nice your haircut is. 


3) Always say "excuse me" when you're walking through dancers or groups of people.

Your mother taught you better than that. 


4) Don't try to sing over the bands, and don't stand in the crowd talking loudly the whole time.

Yes, people do this. It blows me away every time. These are the kinds of people who think they're so interesting that everyone wants to hear what they're talking about. Or they're so good at singing, people would rather hear them than the band they're paying to see. Guess what, pal! No one cares how loudly you can sing/talk. Everyone is there for one reason, and you're ruining it for everyone around you. As far as singing goes, there are exceptions. You'll know when it's the right time. 


5) If someone falls in the pit, HELP THEM UP!

Sometimes things can get a little crazy in the crowd. Always be mindful of the people around you. If someone gets knocked over or trips, help them back up before they get seriously injured. 


6) Get out of your pretentious bubble for a while and have fun.

We've all seen them. They love to stand around making fun of people, they talk about how much certain bands suck, and love to engage in conversation with total strangers about how the festival USED to be fun, but now it's just a vehicle for corporate propaganda and sell-outs. These people are equally irritating and hilarious to engage. Have they forgotten that they also paid money to be there? If you hate it so much, just stay home. No need to be negative and ruin the good vibes!


7) Put your phones away!

By all means, get a few pictures so that you can look back and remember your amazing time later on. But after you've snapped a few, put your phone away! You're not a professional photographer (unless you are), and you know you're only going to end up posting ONE out of the 300 on Instagram later. If you're planning on taking video of the whole set, just don't. You're blocking the view of pretty much everyone that's directly behind you. If you absolutely must, go to the very back to do it where you won't be ruining it for anyone else.


8) Show up early if you want a good spot.

You'd probably be pretty upset if you spent half an hour watching a band you didn't care about, so that you could have a good spot during the next one, and then some jerk came in last minute, pushed through everyone else, and stole your spot. If you wouldn't like that happening to you, don't do it to other people.


9) Don't be an idiot and get totally trashed.

Do you want to be the fool that your friends have to babysit all night? By all means, have a good time, but you need to know your limits. You probably shouldn't do something that you've never tried before while you're at a festival. Everyone knows that the substances are plentiful, and definitely easier to find than they are at home in Potosi, Missouri, but don't be an idiot. I'm serious! If you don't listen to me on this one, you may end up on YouTube and become an actual meme. You and I both know damn well that that's not how you wanted to get your 15 minutes of fame. 


10) Be prepared to have other people's sweat all over you!

You're not going to be able to avoid it. Make the most of it. Cherish it, even. No, wait, that's weird. Just be prepared, okay?





Obviously, the most important thing about going to festivals is that you're there to have fun. Don't overthink the rules. Use common sense, and be courteous to the people around you. You may unintentionally do something that might irritate someone. Just apologize, and get back to having an awesome time. People at festivals are really tolerant and loving people, until they aren't.



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