Dressing for an Interview Without Compromising Your Boho Style

Interviewing for a job can be really stressful. It doesn't matter how many times you've been interviewed, whether you naturally nail every single one of them, or if you've bombed more interviews that you can count on one hand. Before you interview, chances are, you've spent the days leading up to it stressing yourself out. Everyone reacts to this stress differently. Some show up to the interview visibly nervous, make everyone around them feel awkward, and never end up getting the job. Others have the ability to take that stress and use it as motivation to walk in there and absolutely kill it. 

The best way to totally smash the interview "wow" your prospective employer is to be confident. Let's get real here for a second. Employers are like sharks.They can smell fear. Now, there's nothing wrong with being a bit anxious, but you should be able to hide your anxiety. You're there because you want a job. Remember, you can do it, you know you can do it, and you're there to show THEM that you can do it.

I don't know about you, but I always feel most confident when I'm well dressed. Your appearance when you interview is very important. It's how you'll make your first impression, and we all know how important first impressions are. You should look professional, but you don't want to look too professional, like you don't know how to have fun. I promise, unless you're being interviewed by Guy Fieri, the interviewer will appreciate the extra effort you put into your wardrobe.

Dressing for an interview without compromising your style is truly an art form, especially when it comes to Bohemian fashion. In this article we are going to showcase five outfits that you can use as inspiration to land that dream job.




Okay, so this one probably wouldn't be the best for a super professional setting, but you're definitely sure to make a lasting impression. This would be a good outfit for a job in the fashion industry, whether you're interviewing for retail or to be a columnist for a popular magazine. 




Here, we have another that would be good for a less conventional workplace. I definitely wouldn't suggest wearing anything like this to an interview for a position as a paralegal, but we know that we don't have to tell you that. 





A bit more conventional, yet this outfit is still oozing with personality. This is the perfect middle ground between being over-the-top Bohemian and too professional.




We're starting to get a little bit less wild as we go on, in case you haven't picked up on it. This outfit is definitely one that would be respected by the higher-ups at a bigger company, and loved by anyone with a keen eye for fashion. While maintaining a few Bohemian characteristics, this outfit is pretty straight-forward, and lets your prospective employer know that you aren't there to play around.




What is there to say about this one? She looks good, and if she's interviewing, she's gonna get the job.


So, there you have it. We've talked about the importance of confidence, looking good, and showing some personality in your dress. When you go to interview, you may be up against 30 other people, and it's always beneficial if you can find a way to stand out (in a good way, obviously). Confidence is key, and without it, you might not get very far. Keep these things in mind: if you look good, and you know what you're talking about, you're unstoppable. Those 30 other people don't stand a chance against you.

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