Top 5: Genres of Boho Chic

In this article we are going to explore the five most popular styles of Boho chic. Let's stop screwing around and get into it...

1) Gallery Boho

Gallery boho is one of the more intricate styles in the mix. The easiest way to put it into words is that the wearer has experimental courage and is able to tell a story through their wardrobe. Gallery boho is a risky style, such that only the boldest dare attempt it. The narrative is shared through more effeminate prints. Though feminine and quaint, the style is built on a strong foundation and just screams "I dare you to mess with me."



2) Beach Boho

Think SoCal. Beach boho is structurally cohesive, yet relaxed, and never aggressive. There's a strong appreciation for textural interplay, combined with earthy tones and soft whites. Beach boho radiates relaxed vibes, and is never finicky. Appreciated by minimalists and those with a highly refined fashion sense alike, it's a versatile take on a classic style.


3) Preppy Boho

Preppy Boho is a more sensible genre of Boho fashion that stands out from the rest. You can still sense the bohemian spirit in the stylistic expression, but there is a certain level of deliberateness and moderation in the detailing. Preppy Boho usually utilizes less prints, and more solid, bold colors, and is always complimentary.

4) Whimsical Boho

This is quite possibly the most popular genre of Boho dress. The whimsical Bohemian is eclectic, and emits an air of humor in their wardrobe. Contrasting patterns interact with bold colors in ways the standard person would never dream of. There is a strong sense of originality and a balanced lack of restraint. The whimsical Boho style should be bright and loud, and countered with soft whites and natural hues. 



5) Elegant Boho

Elegant Boho is exactly what it sounds like. More tailored than the other styles, it takes influence from the nature. The overall vibe is very earthy and attentive to detail, with unexpected touches that could only ever be imagined by an experienced designer. This is the style that many celebrities embrace, as it summons attention and brings about a certain sense of importance and sophistication.

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